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    Matrix Comsec introduces SATATYA NVR64S channel IP video recorder, best suitable for enterprises

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    Matrix SATATYA NVR64S is an IP video recorder suitable for enterprises. It is built on a Core 2 Duo processor for smooth and reliable performance. This recorder, along with its software, ensures organizations get preventive and effective security with rich features like adaptive recording for saving storage space, camera-wise recording & backup retention, calling from mobile app and email notification with snapshot. Furthermore, features like E-map and cascading ensures effective monitoring never letting organizations miss unwanted events.

    Key Features:

    1. Cascading

    • Connect multiple NVRs and HVRs from a single device without a server
    • Reduced cabling, server and individual monitoring device cost

    2. Recording

    • Record 64 cameras at 1.3MP
    •  High resolution video recording

    3. Adaptive Recording

    • Automatically changes frame parameters during recording for a configured period of time
    • Saves storage & bandwidth providing extra storage days

    4. Camera wise recording retention

    •  Retain recordings based on priority of cameras
    •  Utilize available storage space as per requirement

    5. Scheduled and Manual Backup

    • Scheduled and manual backup to FTP, NAS and USB
    • Safeguard data through centralized storage

    6.   Calling from Mobile App

    • Call a SIM number or an extension (MATRIX EPABX) assigned to any camera directly from the mobile device
    •  Call the right person at the right time ensuring preventive security

    7.   Notifications

    • SMS notification, email notification with snapshot, TCP based notifications
    • Get evidence and take instant actions against any suspicious activity and ensure safety

    8. Auto configure of cameras

    •  Add cameras automatically to video recorders in the defined IP range
    • Quick configuration helps save time

    9.  Integration

    • Database level integration with access control
    •  Complete security to the users

    10. Interoperability

    •  All ONVIF,RTP or RTSP compliant cameras can be connected to matrix devices
    • Flexibility of the video surveillance solution

    11. Video analytics (If camera supports)

    • Quick decision making
    •  Ensures preventive security


    Contact: MATRIX COMSEC
    394 GIDC, Makarpura, Vadodara
    +91 93744 74302

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