MadeForSTM32: The New Label for Excellent Software on STM32 MCUs

MadeForSTM32, a new label destined to single out software solutions is launched to significantly enhance the experience of engineers and designers building applications on our STM32 microcontrollers. There are today two major types of applications under this label: software development tools, such as IDEs, among others, and software expansion packages. The latter are easily recognizable as they use our STM32CUBE nomenclature, meaning that they all integrate our STM32Cube ecosystem. However, unlike STM32Cube expansion packages, which start with the letter “X” (X-CUBE), our partners’ software expansions begin with an “I” (I-CUBE). Very simply, the label is essential for enthusiasts and professionals alike because it represents a guarantee that a particular tool offers a great experience and remains accessible because ST itself vetted it using a stringent evaluation process.

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