For Low profile Power supplies Murata launches surface mount type Y1 class safety certified capacitor

    Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has launched a surface mount type IEC 60384-14 Y1 class safety certified ceramic capacitor for low-profile power supplies. This capacitor is ideal for all AC-DC switching power supplies where a low-profile is sought for compact AV equipment, LED illumination, or 1U*3 rack mounted equipment. The mass production of the capacitor began in May 2017.

    The new Murata capacitor uses a structure of plate-shaped terminals on a disc-shaped ceramic dielectric placed within a plastic mold to reduce the terminal thickness that is present with lead type capacitors, and this results in a mounted height of 2.5mm or less for the product. Furthermore, the component format enables reflow surface mount, and there is no longer a need to assure insulating distance at the underside of the board. This advances profile reduction for power supply devices subject to size limitations in compact AV equipment, LED illumination and 1U rack mounted equipment, for which spatial design has been difficult.

    Electrical characteristics

    Usage Temperature Range -40℃~125℃
    Rated Voltage Y1: AC300V (r.m.s.) or AC250V (r.m.s.)
    X1: AC440V (r.m.s.)
    Capacitance 10pF ~ 1500pF
    Certification Standards
    (applied standards)
    UL (UL 60384-14)
    ENEC (EN 60384-14)
    CQC (IEC 60384-14)
    KTC (KC 60384-14)

    External size

    Unit: mm, reference value with ()

    L 11.4 +/- 0.5
    W 6.0 +/- 0.5
    T 2.5 or less
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