Low Power ADCs with four interleaved MSPS: Description and Design


    By interleaving Renesas’ low power, high sample rate ADCs, it is possible to achieve a combination of ultra-high sample rate and very high dynamic range that is not available in today’s stand-alone ADCs.

    This reference design demonstrates the performance attainable by combining Renesas’ ADC technology and SP Devices interleaving algorithms. In this design, 4 ISLA112P50 12-bit, 500 MSPS analog-to-digital converters are interleaved to sample at a rate of 2.0 GSPS. At this sampling rate, the reference design provides over 6dB more SNR and 13dB better SFDR than the best alternative stand-alone ADC.

    Key Features:

    • Collaboration of Renesas and SP Devices
    • Demonstrates 4-way Interleaving of Renesas 500MSPS ISLA112P50s
      • Sample Rate: 2.0 GSPS
      • Resolution: 12 Bits
    • Interleave Correction Details
      • SP Devices’s ADX4 provides real-time, digital, FPGA based digital interleave correction of four ISLA112P50s Performance
    • Performance
      • SNR = 65.5 dBfs @ Fin = 190MHz, a 6dB improvement over current best standalone 2GSPS ADCs
      • SFDR = 82 dBc @ Fin = 190MHz, a 13dB SFDR improvement over current best standalone 2GSPS ADCS


    • Radar and Electronic/Signal Intelligence
    • Broadband Communications
    • High-Performance Data Acquisition

    fig 1


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