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    Log9 Materials at the Cusp of Redefining Energy and Mobility

    With human intervention, today we are witnessing the grim picture of climatic catastrophe. The climatic anomaly has forced humans to innovate responsible energy solutions and alternatives to fill the irreversible damages. The revolution of e-mobility is one such adoption to serve this irreversible disruption.

    Breaking the barrier of energy, Log9 Materials is leaving no cornerstone unturned to drive the innovation in the energy solutions. At Log9, they are paving a new path by harnessing the power of science for positive change. Their innovative, deep tech-driven approach ensures that whatever they create is done with the future impact, inculcating the habit of “being responsible” at every step.

    Log9 Materials

    To have an internal insight into the battery technology Industry, ELE times Sub Editor Sheeba Chauhan had an exclusive conversation with Dr Akshay Singhal, Founder and CEO, Log9 Materials.

    The range of products/solutions by Log9 MaterialsRapidX battery series: The Log9 RapidX series of batteries are the safest EV batteries in India and the tropical world, designed to efficiently power electric vehicles across all Indian and tropical conditions. Built using patented high-power cell technology, the RapidX batteries powered by Log9’s InstaCharge battery tech are extremely durable, with the ability to last longer than conventional batteries without losing their efficiency. Furthermore, the RapidX batteries provide 9x faster charging, 9x better performance, and 9x battery life. Log9’s InstaCharge technology brings down the total charging time which further optimizes the utilization of charging infrastructure and operational profitability; furthermore, these batteries are built to operate across -30° to 60° C and come with an operational life of 15,000+ cycles. Under the RapidX series, Log9 has to date launched two variants – RapidX 2000 ad RapidX 6000 batteries, which can fully charge an e-2W in 15 minutes and e-3W in 40 minutes.

    ZappUp: ZappUp is a cutting-edge energy storage solution by Log9 that effectively regulates and stabilizes supply-demand mismatch by bridging the current gaps in the electric grid. ZappUp can be applied to considerable power and energy services ranging from fast-response ancillary grid services to energy arbitrage and so on. ZappUp’s features allow it to be used and operated in versatile applications like microgrids, UPS’, data-centres, telecoms, grid-level energy storage, and industrial applications like forklifts, robotics, and AGVs.

    Application Industries: The primary application of Log9’s RapidX batteries is in the EV industry, across various EV platforms.

    Sales Network – Market Presence: Log9 Materials has to date sold and deployed 2000+ RapidX batteries across the EV market in India. The company has tied up with major OEM; s in #-wheeler and 2- Wheeler vehicle platforms such as Omega Seiki Mobility, Hero Electric, and JMT among others.

    Your company’s innovations in terms of product, technology, and more: Log9 Materials is all about paving a new path by harnessing the power of science for positive change. The startup’s innovative, deep tech-driven approach ensures that whatever we create is done with the future impact of our work in mind, inculcating the habit of “being responsible” at every step. The spirit of innovation remains the cornerstone of everything Log9 does. Log9 Materials is, in fact, endeavouring to change how energy is produced, distributed, and stored, right from a grassroots level, purely through its innovative deep-tech solutions, while attempting to make global energy 100 per cent clean from cradle to gate. Log9 is committed to bringing in-house breakthrough innovations to the global stage while catalysing India’s dream of self-reliance. The company has been working on some of the most advanced materials and products ranging from Aluminium Fuel cells, Ultracapacitors and Li-Ion cell technology. Log9 has created first of its kind Al- Air fuel cell that allows for the generation of power using a combination of Aluminium and Graphene electrodes. Log9 has developed state of an art Ultracapacitor that is positioned with high power density applications and its Li-Ion cell technology named TiB cell is designed to provide over 10-year battery life with InstaCharge capabilities.

    Your expansion plans: Going forward, Log9 will strive to take its breakthrough battery tech to the end-users at scale while providing delightful experiences to the stakeholders. Log9 aims to reach out to people and create a culture of monitoring the personal carbon footprint and reducing the same while signifying its importance. They are is anticipating a period of exponential growth, and a green future, powered by Log 9’s technologies and innovations. Log9 is setting up a large-scale battery assembly factory in Bengaluru with a capacity to produce over 5000 batteries a month. Log9 is also in midst of setting up its 50 MWh TiB cell production unit. Apart from its product creation setup, the company is at the forefront of developing different battery solutions ranging from 2-Wheelers, 3-wheelers, and 4-Wheelers.

    Company Profile: Log9 Materials is an indigenous deep-technology and advanced battery-technology startup headquartered in Bengaluru, India, that is redefining the EV industry’s standards in the fight against climate change, by offering batteries that can be charged 9x faster, can last 9x longer and offer 9x higher performance and safety. It is the only Indian company today that holds in-house competencies ranging from electrode materials to cell fabrication to battery packs. Log9 has recently launched India’s first indigenously developed cell manufacturing facility in Bengaluru, alongside India’s first indigenous battery cell, TiB, which will form the DNA of an energy-independent India.

    Log9’s sole purpose and mission are to Pioneer Responsible Energy, and through its initiative, the Responsible Delivery Movement, Log9 is leading an industrywide consortium of OEMs, Aggregators, End-Users and other stakeholders to raise awareness about the threats of climate change and is mobilizing the first and last-mile delivery ecosystems to combat it. Furthermore, with an eye on the changing transportation and logistics industries, Log9 is investing heavily in the research and development of Aluminium Fuel Cells that will power the long-haul commercial vehicles of the future. Log9 is funded by leading VCs like Sequoia and Exfinity Ventures, and strategic investors such as Amara Raja Batteries and Petronas (Malaysia).

    Sheeba Chauhan | Sub Editor | ELE Times

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