Littelfuse Receives Award for Most Competitive Automotive Electronics Product

Littelfuse, Inc., was recently honored with a 2017 Editor’s Choice Award presented by a China-based electronics magazine. The “Most Competitive Automotive Electronics Product” award recognizes the AXGD Series XTREME-GUARD ESD Suppressors that Littelfuse introduced in July 2017. David Zha, Sales Director, China/Hong Kong, Electronics at Littelfuse was on hand to accept the award at the ceremony, held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

The magazine’s President noted, “The competition for the 2017 Editor’s Choice Awards was extremely fierce with many entries from fields that include automotive electronics, sensors, power supplies, and development tools. As we congratulate the winning companies, we look forward to even more companies launching industry-leading technologies and in-demand products to the Chinese electronics market.”

David Zha, Sales Director, China/Hong Kong, Electronics at Littelfuse, said, “We’re very pleased for the recognition of the quality of the AXGD Series XTREME-GUARD ESD Suppressors with this award. These devices offer circuit designers a level of ESD suppression capability that’s competitive with or superior to other ESD suppressors, as well as much lower capacitance and leakage current and higher voltage ratings. As AEC-Q200 qualified devices, circuit designers find them especially well-suited to automotive applications.”

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