Line of high-speed end launch connectors expanded for SERDES applications

    Fairview Microwave Inc., an Infinite Electronics brand and a leading provider of RF and microwave components, has introduced a new extended series of mmWave, removable,  end launch, PCB connectors that are ideal for SERDES applications like cloud servers, supercomputing and high-speed networking.

    Fairview’s new line of high-speed, end launch, PCB connectors consists of 16 models operating in a wide bandwidth that supports high data rates and VSWR as low as 1.10:1. They are offered with four end launch connector interface options: 1.0mm (110 GHz), 1.85mm (67 GHz), 2.92mm (40 GHz) and 2.4mm (50 GHz). These high-performance, end launch connectors are reusable and don’t require any soldering. Some of the models in this line feature reduced profiles with a 0.350-inch mounting width, allowing for more launches to fit into the same PCB area. These connectors are offered in male and female genders and are constructed with an outer conductor made of stainless steel and a gold-plated beryllium copper center contact.

    “With more models boasting exceptional performance and a broad range of frequencies, all available with same-day shipping, this expanded line of mmWave, removable, end launch, PCB connectors provides engineers and technicians with even more fast, reliable solutions,” said Dan Birch, Product Manager.

    Fairview Microwave’s new high-speed, end launch connectors are in-stock and ready for immediate shipment with no minimum order quantity.

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