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    Lightweight Modular Connectors For Big Data

    In linking computing units to data centers, modular connectors in the Han-Eco® Modular plastic housing have proved their worth as a standard solution for the fast and cost-efficient design of the power supply.

    When it comes to supplying data centre computing units with power and data, and networking devices with as little effort as possible, from an operator’s point of view there are two things that are key to successful operation:

    The computing units must be installed quickly and therefore in a cost-optimised manner Computing capacity losses resulting from faulty computers need to be able to be resolved quickly and smoothly so that the available capacity and/or memory remain as large as possible and no data loss results In view of these requirements, the structure of modern data centres is highly standardised. Mutually harmonised, ready-made solutions for architecture, infrastructure and computing units are the rule. The demand for prefabricated units in total installed computing capacity is constantly on the rise. Data centre developers have responded to challenges by employing a high degree of modularity – without losing sight of the overarching goal of optimal installation. It is important to install as much computing capacity as possible, with the infrastructure around the storage units being required to meet the same requirements.

    In many projects, there is a three-stage power and distribution level for the uninterruptible power supply. In the system, which is built like a family tree, the maximum currents to be transmitted are 100A, 70A and finally 40A at the lowest distribution level. Up to 20 units are suspended at each end of a tree – in addition to memory, there are also e.g. fans, in order to reduce heat.

    Data centre planners are faced with the question of how to tie together and connect the different levels of power distribution as quickly as possible. The means of choice has often been hardwired prefabricated units in the field, not only in North America, where the largest data centres are. This method places high demands on the expertise of personnel in the field and also prevents a smooth build-up of systems at the installation site. As with many infrastructure-based requirements for connection technology,

    the HARTING Technology Group has also implemented just the right solution here for users, and has used this approach in numerous projects with the Han-Eco® plastic connector together with well-known storage operators. Han-Eco® series connectors win points above all thanks to their low weight, good handling and extremely robust design – factors which are absolutely essential for use on construction sites. As a contact insert, the Han Modular® system offers an extremely flexible option for power, signal and data transmission that meets all the specific requirements of the user. Not only do the required 40A, 70A or 100A current carrying capacities present no problem, the customer can also select different connection types and housing shapes.

    In addition to connection technology, many of our customers also have the option of purchasing entire cable assemblies from HARTING. The end-to-end tested and optionally coded cables optimize the build-out of IT infrastructure and also reduce the risk of incorrect wiring to zero. Thus, in the event of malfunction, faults

    in the cabling can largely be ruled out, and individual memory elements can be exchanged quickly without special knowledge.

    In Short

    • Storage operators rely on Han-Eco® plastic connectors and cable assemblies
    • Han-Eco® series: low weight, good handling and extremely robust design
    • End-to-end tested and optionally coded cables optimise the build-out of IT infrastructure
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