With Light rays control your touchscreen

    It might sound crazy that now without display you can operate machines and only light will control screen.  Newly discovered phenomenon by researchers, photodielectric effect which could lead to laser-controlled touch displays and will turn fiction into reality. Basic electronic elements are controlled by light also like resistors, diodes, transistors, now capacitor also register its name in the list. According to Hiroki Taniguchi of the University of Nagoya in Japan, A photo-capacitor provides a novel way for operating electronic devices with light which will push evolution of electronics to future photo electronics.

    Taniguchi and his colleagues have found an intrinsic photodielectric effect in a ceramic with the composition LaAl9.9Zn0.01O3-δ. “We have demonstrated the existence of the photodielectric effect experimentally,” he said Further research is going on in order to minimize energy dissipation and to optimize fabrication process

    Though previous researches in this field has achieved photo-dielectric effect with different materials but it relied on photoconductance. As it is not suitable for practical applications due to degradation in capacitor’s insulating properties.

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