Leading Electronic Components Stockists BP Impex is Authorised Distributor of DAIN


New Delhi Based BP Impex Private Limited is one of the fastest growing authorized importer, distributor and multi stockist of electronic components. The company produces top notch quality Polyester Film Capacitors, Metal Oxide Varistors, Metalized Capacitors, Thermistors, Ceramic Disc Capacitors, Y1 Capacitors, Y2 Capacitors and various other electronic components according to client requirements. With over 27 years of importing experience for top 100+ global companies worldwide.

BP Impex Pvt Ltd has set up an electronic components department, which specializes in integrated research and development of product raw materials which also invariably enhances the production and sales of the components.

The company specializes in the following products:

  • Metal Oxide Varistors,
  • Thermistor
  • Metallized Polypropylene(MPP) Capacitor
  • X2 Box Capacitors
  • Ceramic Disk Cpacitor
  • Y1 Capacitors
  • Y2 Capacitors
  • Metallised Polyster Capacitor (MEF)
  • Electrolytic Capacitors (EF)

The company works with the following applications:

  • LED Light’s Driver Manufacturer
  • Charger & Adapters Manufacturer
  • Home Appliances Manufacturer


For more details, visit: BP Impex Pvt Ltd, Address: 9/2,206, East Patel Nagar, New Delhi -110008, URL: www.bpimpexindia.com

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