Launch of the Alternative to Dow Corning’s CN-8760 Encapsulant

    Electrolube, global electro-chemicals manufacturer has recently formulated and is preparing to launch a brand new thermally conductive encapsulation resin at Electronica (Munich, November 13-16 2018). The product (SC4003) has been specially developed to fulfil user requirements for a low viscosity, thermally conductive encapsulation resin with a wide operating temperature range.

    The user in question initially expressed an interest in Electrolube’s encapsulation resins for an LED based application but listed some specific requirements including a room cure system, a temperature range of -60 to +200oC and thermal conductivity of 1 W/m.K. The customer also specified a requirement for a low viscosity system with good flow characteristics that would easily facilitate the potting of difficult and complex geometries and ensure minimal stress on components.

    The Research and Development Team at Electrolube India decided that a brand new, cost-effective encapsulation resin was required and accepted the challenge to not only meet, but improve upon the specific properties requested by the customer. The new silicone encapsulation resin, SC4003 was developed and made available for customer testing with impressive results.

    This two-part system features an energy efficient room cure and wide operating temperature range of -60 to +200oC, – (+220oC for short excursions of 30 minutes dependent upon geometry). The thermal conductivity level of SC4003 is 1 W/m.K and the simple 1:1 mix ratio facilitates ease of processing.

    The ease of development demonstrated by Electrolube combined with the specific properties of the new resin ensured selection of SC4003 as a solution for the LED application.

    Electrolube India’s Sales Manager, Padmanabha Shaktivelu, comments: “The development work undertaken by the Indian team to create the new silicone resin solution is a prime example of Electrolube’s dedicated approach to solving problems. With a strong ethos of both research and collaboration, we are continually developing new products, such as SC4003, and always go the extra mile – not just to ensure that the product is right for the job, but to advise and help our customers choose the safest, most appropriate and economical method of application. This brand new resin is ideal for encapsulation of transformers, sensors, electric control units, inverters, power modules and LED drivers.”

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