Latest powerful UDOO BOLT Maker Board introduced for AI, VR and gaming

    Mouser Electronics, Inc., the New Product Introduction (NPI) leader empowering innovation, is now stocking the highly anticipated BOLT maker board from UDOO. Combining powerful processing and graphics with machine intelligence features and Arduino compatibility, the UDOO BOLT provides the platform for such wide-ranging applications as gaming, virtual reality (VR), media centers, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI).

    The UDOO BOLT, now available from Mouser Electronics, is a portable, open source board that incorporates a AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 system-on-chip (SoC) with dual- or quad-core CPU and an AMD Radeon Vega mobile GPU architecture. Offering a top clock speed of 3.6 GHz with AMD SenseMI Technology for smart performance management, the board works fast enough to support AI, VR, and high-end gaming. Additionally, the board can drive four screens in 4K resolution and supports HDR imaging. The board consumes just 12–25 W and supports any software and operating system developed for PCs (including Windows and x64 Linux distributions).

    The UDOO BOLT offers a rich array of peripherals and I/O, including Gigabit Ethernet, external Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, USB Type-C, HDMI, UART, I2C, SPI, three Seeed Studio Grove connectors, and Arduino-compatible headers. The board also includes 32 GBytes of embedded MultiMediaCard (eMMC) storage and M.2 slots with PCI-Express 4 lanes for NVMe and SSD SATA modules.

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