Latest Issue of Mouser’s Methods Technology E-zine Dives Deep into Digital Twinning

    Mouser Electronics, Inc., announced the newest issue of the Methods technology and solutions e-zine. The second issue of volume two covers digital twinning, which has emerged as a new approach to design and maintenance in Industry 4.0.

    In the digital twinning issue of Methods, Mouser’s experts discuss the technology landscape and types of twinning; reveal digital twinning’s many potential benefits; describe the role of sensors, edge-nodes, artificial intelligence (AI), and communications; and present data security implications and issues.

    “Technology seems to be moving faster than ever, and techniques like digital twinning help engineers to continue working efficiently to meet market demands,” said Kevin Hess, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Mouser Electronics. “We’ve tapped industry experts to contribute in-depth articles that describe digital twinning and how it will play a vital role in engineering as we move toward Industry 4.0.”

    Setting the stage for this important transition, world-renowned digital twinning expert Dr. Michael Grieves, Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Innovative Design, provides a thought-provoking foreword for the e-zine. Mouser’s leading engineers also discuss the role of digital twinning in moving product design towards interoperability and deep sharing, as well as the critical importance of sensor design and performance to support digital twin systems.

    In addition to the Methods e-zine, Mouser offers blogs, e-books, and other resources for design engineers and buyers. Plus, Mouser’s Applications and Technologies sites provide exclusive information on cutting-edge products, design resources, white papers, and videos that every design engineer needs to drive new levels of innovation.

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