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    Konica Minolta Aligns With Skill India Initiative

    The collaboration will include a complete development program for youth including enhancement of communication skills as well as a comprehensive training of hardware and software~

    Konica Minolta Business Solutions has added one more milestone to its list of CSR initiatives and has launched Youth Skill Development Program (YSDP) under which the leader in home and enterprise printing segment has joined hands with Care Skills Academy in Noida to support its north OP Partner to overcome their major challenges of Customer Engineers attrition and scarce skilled manpower in today’s business world. This academy is an authorized training partner of ESSCI (Electronic Sector Skills Council of India) working under the aegis of NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation).

    YSDP is a comprehensive programme led by Care Skill Academy who will utilises its expertise in methodology to produce industry specific skilled manpower. Twenty Candidates would be attending this programme that will end in 2 months. Post this training, ESSCI personnel will examine the candidates & certify them with NSDC certification. This sought-after training & certification will provide beginners with the competencies to meet the industry expectation for reliable services & achieve customer satisfaction.

    YSDP aims 100% job placement for certified candidates and would thus aim to be a great opportunity to have Win-Win situation for Konica Minolta, Partners and Candidates.

    The company understands the vital importance of skilled manpower in successfully running a business and the initiative aims to reduce the drastic demand supply gap in the country when it comes to productive human resources. The two primary objectives which Konica Minolta aspires to achieve from the initiative include:

    • Producing industry specific skilled manpower
    • Lower attrition rate which is a major challenge in the present era

    The cost of the entire program flagged off from December 1, 2016 including the expenses of training, food and accommodation will be borne by Konica Minolta. The two month programme will also come as a boon for beginners spanning across a host of varied subjects including-:

    • Basic English
    • Basic Electronics & Mechanical
    • Basic Electrical
    • Soft Skill
    • Xerographic Theory-B&W and colour machine
    • Hardware & Software training- Konica Minolta MFPs
    “We are committed to make the ambitious ‘’Skill India Initiative’’ a viable success in the country via contributing in producing highly skilled human resources. We are delighted to collaborate with Care Skills Academy in this regard to ensure a bright and prosperous future of the country’s youths as well as ease the burden of businesses in hunting for suitable talents,’’ said Mr Yuji Nakata, Managing Director of Konica Minolta on the noble initiative. 

    Konica Minolta also recently organised a CSR programme focused on child education, child protection, child rights, health & nutrition for underprivileged children in association with CRY foundation in India.

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