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    Kodak Alaris Launches New Desktop Scanners that Enhance Web Based Capture and Expedite Business Transactions


    Mumbai, India, Feb. 3, 2016 – According to AIIM[1], most organizations are still fighting an everyday battle with paper that clogs up offices and slows down business processes. It’s a widely recognized problem: 68 percent of AIIM members agree that business-at-the-speed-of-paper will be “unacceptable in just a few years’ time.”[2]

    Businesses can now accelerate transactions involving paper documents faster than ever before with web-based technologies like the newest line of desktop scanners from Kodak Alaris, which enable more efficient document capture at the point of transaction. The 40 page-per-minute Kodak i1190 and i1190E Scanners deliver superior speed and data capture accuracy for multiple document types, making it an excellent solution for loan origination, case management, HR onboarding, accounts payable/receivable, and records management, among other applications. The i1190 Series is designed to process paperwork faster and closer to the point of intake to initiate or complete a business transaction, ultimately improving the speed at which decisions are made and responsiveness to customers.

    The Kodak i1190 and i1190E Scanners include:

    • Increased capacity – the input tray now holds up to 75 sheets allowing users to load up more customer transactions in one shot
    • Barcode reading, enabling metadata capture directly into business applications without the processing load on the application software
    • A card holder for drivers licenses, insurance cards and other small items, which helps users stay organized while scanning multiple document types
    • Intelligent Document Protection (IDP), to avoid potential damage to critical customer documents caused by staples, paper clips or other blockages.

    In addition, the i1190E Scanner offers onboard Perfect Page technology, which eliminates the need to install image enhancement software on the connected PC. This reduction in “processing overhead” allows IT departments to consider PCs with lower processing power, which are less expensive, easier to  manage from a central location, and popular with users of web-based applications like the Kodak Info Input Solution.

    The Onondaga County (New York) Department of Social Services has deployed more than 800 Kodak i1150 Scanners, the companion model of the i1190 Scanners. Onondaga County had been managing its records in hard copy format, storing tens of thousands of documents on two floors of a warehouse. After evaluating the time and money sunk into this process, the department invested in scanning technology from Kodak Alaris and created a browser-based digital workflow. Employees can now scan thousands of documents each day and electronically index and file images in a digital

    repository. By transitioning to a truly digital workflow, Onondaga County has made the task of retrieving documents easier, more efficient and cost effective.

    “Businesses continue to look for ways to increase efficiency, and sometimes don’t realize it can start with a simple step like creating a faster and easier way to intake hard copy documents,” said Susheel John, Category Director, Distributed Capture for Kodak Alaris’ Information Management division. “With the i1190 Series, enterprises, small businesses and government agencies can eliminate timely manual tasks and increase the speed of business, taking advantage of Web-friendly scanning technologies that make the most of cloud capture platforms.”

    The US list price for the Kodak i1190 Scanner is $795. The i1190E Scanner has a list price of $895.

    kodak_WSiywAbout the Information Management Division of Kodak Alaris

    Kodak Alaris is a new company driven by the simple belief that “we can always find a better way.” Our Information Management division helps organizations capture content from digital and paper sources, extract insights, and deliver the right information to the right place at the right time for better business outcomes. Our portfolio includes award-winning document scanners, a global service and support team, and software and solutions that capture and intelligently manage information. For small offices and large-scale organizations, we provide new ways to automate processes, improve customer interactions and make smarter business decisions.

     To learn more, please visit us on Twitter at and @KodakIM_APAC and visit our blog

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