Keysight Technologies and Academia Partners in Education and Innovation

Keysight Technologies is dedicated to meaningful collaboration with researchers and educators. In the research lab, Keysight’s history of innovation continues to enable new breakthroughs in science and technology. In classrooms and teaching labs, Keysight’s instruments and software offer students experience with the same tools used by Keysight’s customers in government and industry.

Engage and inspire students with real-world tools

  • Enhance demonstrations and hands-on labs with favorable pricing on instruments and software
    • Enable deeper understanding of real-world topics with the latest tools used in government and industry
    • Create new lab experiences and enable collaboration with remote instrument connections and control
    • Develop the practical measurement skills that enable success in research labs and industry
  • Leverage Keysight-developed teaching kits that bring theory to life through practical measurement scenarios
  • Help all students gain practical skills with Keysight training sessions for instruments and software

Advance your work with leading-edge instrumentation and software

  • Push the state-of-the-art with favorable pricing on instruments and software built around Keysight IP
    • Turn to the industry leader for the latest advances in measurement science
    • Optimize instrument uptime and reduce the cost of ownership with Keysight’s standard three-year warranty
  • Get access to Keysight’s worldwide network of research faculty
  • Tap into resources that will help in identifying and applying for grants
  • Access the advantages of the Keysight University Relations program

Keysight University Teaching Solutions
Keysight offers a complete curriculum-based solution that addresses the educator’s requirements. These lab solutions represent different ways to test instruments and can be grouped in teaching labs for a specific application. With Keysight’s university teaching solutions, lecturers no longer need to spend countless hours developing and updating courses to keep pace with industry demands, giving them more time to focus on their research.Students gain invaluable exposure to industry-grade instruments and software to prepare them for the moment they enter the workforce.

This is the complete selection for the University Teaching Solutions:

RF and Communications Labs

  • RF Circuit Design Teaching Lab
  • Digital RF Communications Teaching Lab
  • Advanced Digital RF Communications Teaching Lab
  • EMI and EMC Teaching Lab
  • Antenna and Propagation Teaching Lab
  • SDR Development Platform for Teaching/Research Lab
  • Electromagnetic Theory Teaching Lab
  • Mobile Communications Teaching Lab
  • Radar Principles and Systems Teaching Lab
  • Imaging Radar Principles Teaching Lab
  • Digital Modulation Technique Lab

General Electronics Labs

  • Analog Electronics Teaching Lab
  • MEMS Technologies Teaching Lab

Digital Electronics Labs

  • Digital Signal Processing Lab
  • Embedded System Design Lab

In summary, Keysight’scourseware goes beyond the traditional hardware kit, it is a total solution which includes lab sheets in editable Microsoft® Word format together with model answers and problem-based assignment to enhance problem-solving skills, lecture material in editable PowerPoint format and with annual updates, recommended instruments of industry-grade and EDA tools specifically designed for the lab experiments.The courseware is ready to be used out-of-the-box as all its components are seamlessly integrated to work as one complete ready-to-teach package for one full semester.

Keysight Software Solutions – Education Packages

Keysight has incredible software packages that help engineers create the latest circuits and products. These are the same tools required in teaching and research areas.

  • Keysight’s Vector Signal Analysis software is the world’s great signal evaluation tool. It is used by all the leading communication companies.
  • VEE is Keysight’s graphical T&M language. Students will find it beneficial to learn this programming tool, as most test and manufacturing departments require programming knowledge.
  • Keysight’s EEsof EDA software is the standard for high frequency design.
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