Kanpur Witnesses its First Ever TechDay Event on Data Center Optimization

    After the successful completion of, “Enterprise IT TechDay Event” at Ahmedabad, Enterprise IT, organized the premium technology event at Kanpur, UP. Powered by APC by Schneider Electric, the event was held at Hotel Landmark Towers, Kanpur and engaged leading business minds and stakeholders in a Knowledge Forum on Datacenter, Micro Datacenter and Edge Computing.

    The event, first-of-its-kind in Kanpur, was organized with the aim of welcoming the future technologies and solutions, including IOT, Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence and many more. This was the second chapter of a series of events that aims to focus on absolute knowledge forums for businesses to help them understand the need for Datacenter and Micro Datacenter optimization of an organization with the growing customer data for Indian businesses deploying third platform technologies and connected devices.

    The knowledge forum aided its audience to understand the complexity of data centers and other infrastructure to enhance productivity and reputation of the customers. The event in Kanpur continued with its core theme of ‘Infrastructure Optimization to Accommodate New Age Workloads’.

    “With a surge in digitization, our world is increasingly opening up to more robust efficiency solutions across data centers. Moreover, the proliferation of data and its criticality to businesses has given rise to edge computing solutions and other related technology requirements, the CIO has come centerstage in this new scenario where technology is directly impacting the bottom line. Schneider Electric is happy to be part of a platform which is helping facilitate a dialogue on these scenarios.” Venkatraman Swaminathan, Vice President, IT Division, Schneider Electric-India.

    The event concluded on various verticals discussing the areas where businesses today require real-time decision making, DC related queries which may hamper CIO’s in near future.


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