iQ-Edgecross software launched to integrate Factory Automation and Information Technology

    Mitsubishi Electric introduces a real-time data analyser and four data collectors as additions to its line-up of iQ Edgecross edge-computing software solutions.

    iQ Edgecross products support the Edgecross open software platform that is used to integrate factory automation (FA) and information technology (IT). The real-time data analyser is software equipped with proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) for data analysis and diagnostics that customers can use to strengthen preventive maintenance and quality in their productions shops. The analyser software is supported by data collectors that enable easy, high-speed data collection.

    Together, the analyser and collectors can improve efficiency by enhancing edge computing in Mitsubishi Electric’s e-F@ctory integrated FA solutions, which are designed to reduce the costs of development, production and maintenance for customers.

    The reason for this new development is clear to see. Due to the increasing incorporation of the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI technologies in production processes, solutions that implement simple and swift data collection, visualisation and data diagnostics are in demand at advanced manufacturing facilities around the world.

    A key feature of the real-time data analyser with AI is that it strengthens preventative maintenance strategies. Real-time analysis and diagnosis of production systems can be performed during operation, using one software, instead of separate software suites for different purposes, such as offline analysis and real-time diagnostics.

    The technology is designed to improve the accuracy of detecting equipment anomalies during real-time diagnostics using similar waveform recognition technology (a Mitsubishi Electric Maisart AI technology) to learn and recognise data such as sensor waveform patterns.

    Further capabilities of the products include the potential to implement preventive maintenance and quality improvements without additional programming. For instance, in the event of any problems arising, factor analysis has been simplified with statistical diagnostic tools like the Mahalanobis-Taguchi method (detects differences from normal operations using correlations between data sets) and multi-variable regression analysis for data.

    Four types of data collectors are available that support SLMP, OPC UA and MTConnect protocols and communications standards. In addition, the data collectors are fully compatible with the CC-Link IE field network for high-speed data collection (up to 1ms) to ensure highly accurate equipment control.

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