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    IoT World 2017: Avnet’s Team to Reveal Here its IoT Trade Secrets

    Avnet, a leading global technology distributor, will share its IoT industry knowledge and expertise throughout Internet of Things World next week at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Executives representing Avnet’s leading team of IoT experts will share insights on how companies of all sizes can design, supply, build and deliver IoT products anywhere in the world. The conference kicks off on May 16 with a keynote from Lou Lutostanski, Avnet’s vice president, Internet of Things.

    “Bringing an IoT solution to market requires careful planning, unique insights into product design, and global scale and scope. Without these things, an idea will remain just an idea. Whether you are an individual maker or a design engineer for a large multinational company, you need a strategy to take your product through each stage of the product lifecycle,” Lutostanski said. “Avnet’s presence as the title sponsor of this year’s IoT World reflects our longstanding commitment to guide customers from an idea, all the way through production and distribution anywhere in the world.”

    Avnet’s IoT experts will present during the following sessions:

    • “Aligning your IoT Strategy: Where to Start?” – Tuesday, May 16 at 9:20 a.m. PDT
      Lou Lutostanski, Avnet’s vice president of Internet of Things, will deliver the opening keynote at IoT World, focusing on the complex IoT ecosystem and the intricacies surrounding the design and development of IoT solutions. Whether you are designing a device or implementing a full end-to-end IoT solution, Lutostanski will discuss where you fit and how to adapt your business with IoT technology to create a more competitive advantage in the industry.
    • “The New Age of Industrial IoT” – Tuesday, May 16 at 1:20 p.m. PDT
      Philippe Fremont, Avnet Silica’s vice president of technical marketing, will participate in a keynote panel discussion examining IoT applications across a wide range of industries, such as manufacturing and utilities, as well as the cost-savings of industrial IoT and challenges in upgrading infrastructure to be connected and intelligent.
    • “IoT Security – Real Problems and Solutions” – Wednesday, May 17 at 1:40 p.m. PDT
      Michael Lamp, Avnet’s director of IoT solutions, will give a 20-minute presentation on issues relating to IoT security, the challenges companies experience in securing their devices and data, and solutions for the next several years.
    • “Impacts of Disruptive IoT Trends on Supply Chain and Logistics” – Wednesday, May 17 at 4:50 p.m. PDT
      Wade McDaniel, vice president, solutions architecture for Avnet Velocity, will join a panel to discuss how IoT impacts the supply chain and disrupts logistics, including the complexities of assembling an IoT supply chain solution when multiple providers and vendors are involved, and how contracts, performance metrics, and responsibilities are shared and performed.

    Avnet’s participation at IoT World 2017 underscores the company’s growth strategy in IoT. This includes Avnet’s acquisitions of Premier Farnell’s element 14 community, a digital platform that includes 430,000 members in 36 countries, and, an online community that helps users across the globe learn how to design, create and program Internet-connected hardware. These efforts and others have expanded Avnet’s reach to include large, new audiences of engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs.  In addition, Avnet continues to partner with companies like AT&T, IBM and Intel to maximize its development of IoT solutions.

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