IoT Services by Atos Positions it as Leader in Everest Group Peak Matrix

Everest Group assessment highlights the compelling Atos solution offering and its ability to address customer concern for privacy thanks to a dedicated focus on cybersecurity and the Worldline payment platform

Atos, a leader in digital transformation, is positioned as a leader in the latest global Everest Group Peak Matrix on Internet of Things (IoT) services. Everest Group recognizes leaders as those companies that have positioned themselves as consultants for IoT adoption with a comprehensive portfolio of service offerings. They have invested in acquiring skills and developing technology expertise, as well as having engaged with customers in large scale IoT initiatives.

The report shows how Atos’ significant industrial partnerships coupled with its engineering capabilities have helped it deliver multiple innovative use cases.  With dedicated focus on cybersecurity and the Worldline payment platform, Everest Group highlights how Atos is able to address customer concern for privacy with a compelling solution offering.

Commenting on the research, Ursula Morgenstern, Executive Vice President for Global Business & Platform Solutions at Atos said: “IoT is one of the most important technological enablers for digital business. Our solutions bring together our expertise in big data, cybersecurity, managed services, robotics, payments and financial processing. I am very proud that Atos is one of the few in the world that can answer to the need of the market. These, coupled with our business driven analytics, IoT and cognitive solutions – Atos Codex – mean we can help organizations get the value out of their IoT data to strengthen operational performance, improve customer experience and exploit new revenue streams.”

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