IoT policies, Incentives and more: Govt. of Telangana has to offer investors

    With IoT being the concurrent revolution in electronics, Telangana Government is all set to launch the state’s policies on Internet of Things and Smart Technologies, with support measures and incentives to be offered for companies setting up facilities in the state.

    The draft was reviewed a couple of days ago and the policy is ready to be executed, IT and Industries Secretary Jayesh Ranjan announced on March 22, 2017, at the inaugural ceremony of ORBCOMM’s centre of excellence for software application development and Tier-I customer care in the city.

    Urging the US firm to consider setting up a manufacturing unit in the State, he said that under the policy IoT firms setting up manufacturing facilities would get incentives similar to those being made available under the Electronics Manufacturing Policy.

    A Machine to Machine and IoT solutions provider, ORBCOMM has a commercial satellite network dedicated to M2M solutions.

    Pointing out that Hyderabad was well-positioned, given its infrastructure and talent pool, to emerge as a hub for the company to cater to the market in India and several parts of Asia, Mr. Ranjan said that IoT companies integrating software and hardware would also get incentives. Also, in the event of IoT or smart technology products being of relevance to the Government “we will be happy to be your first customer,” the official said.

    The logistics solutions offered by ORBCOMM in the area of cold chain could be helpful in the context of the Government keen on developing food processing sector.

    With CII’s Task Force on Cold Chain, the Government would undertake mapping of the State to identify opportunities in the areas of perishable food, dairy and meat products, Mr. Ranjan said.

    ORBCOMM Executive Vice President-Product Development Craig Malone said the new CoE consolidated operations of two offices and had a headcount of 90.

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