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    Intelligent Building and smart home: Technologies close to capacity

    The 2019 editions of Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology (SIBT) and Shanghai Smart Home Technology (SSHT) will be held from 3 ‒ 5 September at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). Spurred by the fast development of China’s intelligent building, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) sectors, the two exhibitions are close to capacity as there has been strong demand from exhibitors to participate at the shows. The concurrently held trade fairs are expected to attract over 280 renowned businesses from China and overseas, and welcome a similar number to last year’s 29,423 professional visitors. The total exhibition space is also expected to reach a record of over 28,750 sqm.

    Fairgoers to SIBT and SSHT will not only be treated to the usual array of smart home and building technologies and solutions, but will once again be able to visit the returning Parking China fair, while a debut ‘Shanghai Smart Office Technology’ (SSOT) feature zone will add yet another element to these growing group of exhibitions. Covering key topics such as IoT, AI, big data, robots, smart offices, smart parking, home security, HVAC, energy conservation, 5G, smart neighbourhoods and smart cities, fairgoers and exhibitors alike can benefit from a one-stop market and purchasing platform which positively bring together multiple different industries.

    On the development of SIBT, Ms Lucia Wong, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (HK) Co Ltd said: “As SIBT welcomes its 13thedition, I must express my sincere gratitude for the unwavering support from the industry. Devoted to demonstrating cutting-edge technology and innovative products, we are looking forward to highlighting new market trends and welcoming fairgoers this September.” Ms Wong also shared her optimism on the fifth edition of SSHT, stating: “The fairs have grown alongside the market. By exploring advanced technology and top-tier products, we strive to promote the widespread implementation of smart homes.”

    In line with recent policies implemented by China, green building and renewable energy initiatives are being promoted in different parts of the country, while intelligent buildings have also become a common sight across cities. China’s IoT capabilities are also developing rapidly which extends to the smart building, smart office and smart parking industries.

    As 5G and AI technology continue to improve, smart home is now more than a fictional concept but a lifestyle that is gradually taking over traditional homes. Full smart home implementation are expected to soar in popularity with sensors becoming the epicentre of smart homes. With the rapid development of 5G technology and the enhanced applicability of AIoT and IoT operation systems, the future of home industry will be brimming with exciting possibilities.

    Renowned exhibitors unveil advanced technology and innovative products

    With both fairs placing a strong emphasis on ‘AI+IoT’, SIBT and SSHT will work in synergy to bring together IoT and smart building suppliers, encouraging cross-industry cooperation and communication. Over 280 exhibitors from multiple sectors will congregate at the shows including Schneider, Hisense, Ezviz, Ave Leelen, ANJUBAO, Dnake, Legrand China, SUREN, ORVIBO, Baiwei, FANTEM, HaiLin, Shuncom, KNX, EnOcean, Crodigy, A-OK, wistarmotor, HDL, Grandland, Daming Laffey, UIOT, Eastsoft, Savekey, Wintom Sun-shade, Auxdio, Sonos, aminasound, D&M, Cinemaster, Levoice, Elite, Changsha Yidai, Ningbo Hope, Bao Feng Cinema, WTi Group, ALCATEL, Dongguan Taitron, and more. Selected exhibitors and their innovations include:

    • HDL
      HDL showcases integrated smart control systems, one-stop solutions and equipment. New products on display include the multipurpose S10 touch screen and other smart panels.
    • Ezviz
      Concentrating on the safety-related aspects of smart living and technology, the company will demonstrate its intelligent air quality sensor with remote access and history function, as well as its video recorder with internet-connection, 360° high-speed rotation, intelligent human detection, acoustic location, and other functions.
    • Legrand China
      Legrand China will offer visitors a multitude of new smart home appliances and systems, including intelligent switches for window blinds, switch modules, gateways, smart plugs, wireless IR transmitters, controllers, and door and window detectors.
    • FANTEM
      The latest upgrade to its home system, OOMI3.0, is a stability solution for wireless connections in mansions and duplexes. Targeting the needs of families and those that require large-scale systems, it supports scenario settings with the use of multiple gateways.

    CTTL-Terminal Labs summit forum envisions smart living

    Every edition of SIBT and SSHT introduces cutting-edge industry technology through a diverse programme of concurrent events. This year, SIBT will be collaborating with CTTL-Terminal Lab under the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) to present forums on smart cities, neighbourhoods and buildings. Under CAICT, CTTL-Terminals Lab specialises in ICT development research, product standards and testing, and new ICT development research, offering all-round support for related industries. Led by the lab, this year’s forum will introduce a number of renowned speakers to discuss their latest research on industry trends and innovative new technology.

    Diversifying intelligent building with smart parking and smart office concepts

    A new ‘Smart Office’ zone will debut this year to explore the growing market demand for smart office solutions. The zone will highlight a number of technologies and solutions that provide optimal performance for office facilities using IoT and connected technology. The smart parking sector will also be under the spotlight as the Parking China fair will once again be held concurrently to provide a high-level international platform for smart parking solutions in cities. To help the industry thrive, the show will explore improved urban parking resource management and better parking eco-systems in buildings.

    SIBT is organised by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd, Shanghai Hongshan Exhibition Service Co Ltd, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade – Shanghai Pudong Sub-Branch, and The Intelligent Engineering Branch of China Exploration & Design Association. The organisers of SSHT are Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd, Shanghai Hongshan Exhibition Service Co Ltd, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade – Shanghai Pudong Sub-Branch, and China Smart Home Industry Alliance. The two fairs will be held from 3 – 5 September 2019 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre in China.

    SIBT and SSHT are both headed by the biennial Light + Building event in Frankfurt, Germany. The fair will be held once every two years. The next edition will be held from 8 -13 March, 2020.

    Messe Frankfurt also organises a series of light and building technology exhibitions in Asia including Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition and Shanghai International Lighting Fair. The company’s light and building technology fairs also extend to markets in Argentina, India, Thailand, Russia, the UAE and other countries and regions.

    For more information, visit:

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