Intellian to Show Flyaway and v85NX at CommunicAsia 2018

    Intellian, the world’s leading provider of satellite communication antenna systems, will be showcasing its two newest products, Flyaway and v85NX, at CommunicAsia 2018 from June 26-28 in Singapore.

    Flyaway, Intellian’s first land-based, man-portable antenna LP100, is built to be quickly deployed and commissioned with its lightweight and airline baggage checkable setup. It also supports an optimized reflector for both the Ku and Ka bands and dual power (AC and DC) input as standard for fail-safe operation.

    Also, Intellian’s first next-generation v85NX, which is Ku- to Ka-band convertible, has the best RF performance among 80cm-class terminals. This enables simple installation with a single cable, easy repair, and increased reliability with modular components, saving both time and cost for customers.

    Moreover, Intellian announces the expansion of its presence in Singapore. The company now has a local warehouse in Singapore that keeps a stock of its major products and spare parts on hand so that Intellian can meet urgent customer orders faster and with shorter lead times. Intellian’s Singapore office now also offers training sessions to its local partners and those in countries around Southeast Asia, and also provides on-site training upon requests to partners.

    Eric Sung, CEO of Intellian, said, “By expanding our Singapore office, we expect to deliver valuable services to our partners and customers, especially in the APAC region, in a timely manner. We will keep enhancing our technology and global presence steadily to meet our customers’ demands.”

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