Infineon’s OPTIGA Trust M Express and CIRRENT Cloud ID Offer Easiest Way to Securely Deploy IoT Devices

    In IoT systems, trust is the foundation for all interactions between devices and cloud services. For this reason, each device must have a secured identity as unique and must be able to proof that they are what they claim to be. Additionally, OEMs are facing the challenge of having to implement this secured ID for hundreds of thousands of devices. Combining OPTIGA Trust M Express and CIRRENT Cloud ID, Infineon Technologies AG offers a high-end security solution that provides a hardware anchor of trust used to connect IoT devices easily to the cloud at scale.

    Launched today, OPTIGA Trust M Express enables hardware based security for IoT devices every step of the way from manufacturing, through cloud provisioning and field deployment. The cryptographic identity of OPTIGA Trust M Express is provisioned in a certified and secured Infineon fab. It is protected from exposure at any stage during the product lifetime. The off-the-shelf solution eliminates the need for OEM companies to build and maintain highly secured manufacturing facilities for device personalization, allowing them to simplify production flow, accelerate time to market and reduce cost.

    OPTIGA Trust M Express is offered in combination with Infineon’s CIRRENT Cloud ID – a cloud service that automates IoT device certificate registration and the provisioning of the device in the product cloud at scale. The combination of both solutions allows developers to easily and securely provision IoT devices and connect them to the cloud, while enhancing them with robust security right from the production line. As a result, the cloud onboarding process of IoT devices in the customer’s product cloud is simplified, eliminating the need for manual intervention, thus preventing human error. Thereby, customers can save time and resources, and make the process highly scalable.


    OPTIGA Trust M Express is available now together with the OPTIGA Trust M IoT Security Development Kit for easy evaluation and design-in. In addition, developers can rely on design-in application notes and extensive host side integration support without the need of signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Moreover, Infineon offers trainings for the security products. More information is available at

    Infineon makes the IoT work

    Microelectronics make up the core of every IoT solution. Infineon’s sensors, actuators, microcontrollers, communication modules, and security components underpin every device. The company is a one-stop technology partner for realizing smart, energy-efficient, and secured IoT applications with development boards, evaluation kits, and design tools additionally supporting manufacturers. More information about Infineon’s contribution to IoT:

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