Infineon starts production of LED lighting interface IC


infineon led

Infineon has started production of an LED lighting interface IC which allows designers to replace many of the discrete components used in conventional dimming schemes with a single device.

Thus, it can reduce the component count and PCB space needed for dimming circuitry in LED lighting applications by up to 70%. Infineon claims its CDM10V is the industry’s first single-chip lighting interface IC capable of transforming an analog 0-10V input into a PWM or dimming input signal required by a lighting controller IC.

The signal is delivered as 5 mA optomcoupler-ready PWM signal with 0 to 100 percent duty cycle.

The CDM10V LED lighting interface can be used across a variety of different commercial and industrial LED applications.

Supplied in an ultra-miniature 6-pin SOT package, the CDM10V is ideally suited for use on small PCBs with high component densities. A supply voltage of 11 V to 25 V ensures compatibility with all common LED lighting applications including luminaires, troffers, downlights, sconces, office lighting and signage.

The CDM10V joins a portfolio of Infineon devices – including driver ICs and MOSFETs designed to simplify and speed the design of LED lighting applications.