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    Industry’s Smallest Quad-Output SIMO Power Management IC by Maxim Integrated

    The breakthrough MAX77655 single-inductor multiple output (SIMO) Power Management IC (PMIC) from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: MXIM) provides the highest-density power solution for extremely compact next-generation devices. This PMIC delivers a 70 percent reduction in solution size compared to the nearest competition, with 700mA across four buck-boost channels and only one inductor required for a total solution size of 17mm2.

    Designers of ultra-small portable devices such as wearables, internet of things (IoT) sensor nodes and health monitors are looking to increase computing capability, memory and sensor resources in their feature-rich devices – all in an ever more compact form factor. The MAX77655 SIMO PMIC addresses this space-constraint issue by sharing one inductor among all four supplies in a single 3.95mm2 IC. In addition, ultra-high efficiency helps to extend battery life by providing 90 percent regulator efficiency during moderate to heavy load conditions, while consuming only 6.9µA of quiescent current during light load conditions.

    For additional power management platforms regarding systems requiring less than 500mA, Maxim Integrated also introduced two new configurable PMICs – the MAX77643 and MAX77642. These ICs offer the industry’s highest efficiency at 93 percent from a single inductor and a 3-output buck-boost regulator with a 150mA LDO/Loadswitch.

    Key Advantages

    • Highest Density: Offers 85 percent higher power density; provides up to 700mA total current from just 17mm2PCB space to support higher current loads for adding computational and sensor resources to next-generation designs
    • Smallest Size: Cuts power management board size by 70 percent by integrating four supplies, while using only a single inductor
    • High Efficiency: Provides up to 90 percent efficiency at 3.7 VINand 1.8 VOUT


    • “As ultra-small electronics become more wearable and integrated for end users, it becomes harder for designers to add functionality,” said Kevin Anderson, power semiconductor analyst at Omdia. “Any part of the system that can be reduced in size while increasing power will allow designers to pile on more computing horsepower for next-generation applications.”
    • “The MAX77655 breakthrough SIMO topology ushers in new capabilities to millions of small, battery-operated and cloud-connected systems. The highest power density that this solution offers opens avenues for wearables and AI edge manufacturers, whose vision is to boost the ‘intelligence quotient’ and data point collection for these devices,” said Karthi Gopalan, director, Mobile Power Business Unit at Maxim Integrated. “Designers can now pack an array of precision sensors with the highest processing power, while delivering on the most critical customer need of maximum battery life in the smallest form factor.”

    Availability and Pricing

    • The MAX77655 is available at Maxim Integrated’s website for $50 (1000-up, FOB USA); also available from authorized distributors
    • TheMAX77655EVKIT# evaluation kit is available for $135

    Learn more at

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