Industry’s first Platform for 6CA Max Throughput Test with Samsung System LSI Business

Anritsu and Samsung Electronics have been collaborating on LTE / LTE-A heretofore. We jointly conducted a connection verification using Samsung’s LTE modem and MT8821C Radio Communication Analyzer.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in advanced semiconductor technologies has confirmed achieving DL 6CA (256QAM) max T-put (1.2Gbps) for its next-generation LTE modem successfully with Anritsu’s MT8821C Radio Communication Analyzer as industry’s first test platform.

Carrier aggregation is a technology that secures a wide bandwidth and improves the communication rate, and service has already started in countries all over the world. Due to the number of users of smartphones/tablet terminals and the rise of rich content services, the spread of LTE-Advanced is continuously expanding. As non-standalone type 5G service to be operated in cooperation with the cellular system is scheduled to be launched in 2019, the introduction of 1 Gbps service which further accelerates the current LTE-Advanced is being planned, and Samsung is proactively proceeding the LTE-Advanced function DL 6CC CA during the process of their development.

MT8821C Radio Communication Analyzer is designed for R&D of mobile devices/user equipment (UE), such as smartphones, tablets and M2M modules. It builds on the technologies of its popular predecessor MT8820C, widely adopted by UE and chipset vendors worldwide and supports multiple wireless technologies ranging from LTE-Advanced features like DL CA up to 6CC, to 3G/2G systems as well as LTE-U/LAA, with its easy-to-use measurement functions for efficient RF parametric and physical layer throughput testing.

“Anritsu is delighted that Samsung, a leader in ASIC and solutions, has confirmed MT8821C as a key tool in their development process”, stated Mr. Tsutomu Tokuke, Head of Mobile Solutions Division at Anritsu. “This progress shows how Anritsu’s MT8821C helps LTE device makers ensure their product quality in an intensely competitive market while reducing the product launch cycle time”.

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