Indian utility tenders 500 MW of hybrid wind-Solar Projects

    The selected bidders in a new Indian tender will set up wind-solar hybrid power projects to supply power under 25-year PPAs. Bidding closes on June 8.

    Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd. (MSEDCL) has opened a tender to procure 500 MW of wind-solar hybrid power from grid-connected inter-state and intra-state projects. The projects will be awarded through competitive bidding, followed by a reverse auction.

    The bidders selected by MSEDCL will set up wind-solar hybrid power projects and supply power under 25-year PPAs to MSEDCL.

    “The inter/intra-state wind-solar hybrid projects already commissioned but do not have any long-term PPA with any agency can/may be considered, in case these projects are not already accepted under any other central or state schemes and do not have any obligations towards existing buyers,” MSEDCL said in the tender document.

    For intra-state projects, the minimum size of a single hybrid power project will be 25 MW, with at least 10 MW at one site, to be interconnected at a single delivery point. The minimum size for inter-state projects will be 50 MW at one site. 

    The rated project capacity of one resource (wind or solar) in the wind-solar hybrid power project will be at least 33% of the total contracted capacity. For example, if the total contracted capacity comprises 200 MW, the minimum rated project capacity of a wind or solar will be at least 66 MW.

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