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    Livingston India is a leading company for electronic test equipment rental, lease and purchase. Livingston is part of U.K. based Microlease group, who are industry leaders in Test equipment solutions provider across the globe. Microlease has won Frost & Sullivan best practices award winner for 3 consecutive years (2013, 2014 & 2015) in the area of Global Test & Measurement Rental & Leasing services. The company inventory include test equipment like Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers, Signal Generators, Signal Analyzers, Network Analyzers, Power Meters, OTDR, Fibre Test tools etc. form all top manufactures like Keysight, Tektronix, Rohde & Schwarz, Anritsu, Viavi etc. among others. Vikram Khurana, Regional Sales Manager, Livingston India talks to ELE Times on his company’s special status in T&M space. Excerpts.

    ELE Times: In Major research labs especially in IIT’s, scholars often uses equipment for complex tasks, taking such scenario how difficult it becomes to offer high precision while maintaining cost and repairing.

    Vikram Khurana: In institutes like IITs, research scholars need the high end equipment for their project on latest technologies e.g. high end Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers, Signal Generators, Signal Analyzers, Vector Network Analyzers etc. apart from many other SW design and test tools. These are quite expensive set of equipment. Since requirement is short-term in nature for each project, these costs are sometimes not justifiable. Moreover since technology evolving at a fast pace, technical requirements change very quickly and current test equipment need upgrade or replacement for future projects.

    Here rental of test equipment for short durations of specific projects is very attractive option available to these institutes. They can rent latest technology equipment for particular project at a fraction of cost of new equipment.

    ELE Times: Keeping in mind the requirement of quality engineers we need today, do you think that laboratories in Engineering Colleges and the educational sector are equipped with the latest equipment? What equipment would you want them to work on to be competent enough to be employed in the industry?

    Vikram Khurana: It is very important for students to have practical exposure to latest technologies so that they can face the challenges once they join the industry. Given the complexity and rapid changes in the technologies, practical experience is very crucial for students to be successful in their future careers. However, due to high cost of test equipment and limited budgets available, it sometimes becomes very difficult for colleges to provide suitable facilities to their students.

    ELE Times: What are the advantages that your company offers to the Engineering College buying equipment for its lab?

    Vikram Khurana: We are geared up to provide following solutions to technical education sector:

    Rental for short term projects: We can provide latest and high-end test equipment like Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers, Signal Generators, Signal Analyzers and Network Analyzers etc. on short term and long term rental. These are very useful for premier education and research institutes as they can manage cost of test equipment more efficiently within limited budgets.

    Lab setup on long term lease: We can setup complete labs with all required test equipments on long term lease basis. This is very relevant solution for Tier-II and Tier-III colleges who have limited budgets available to purchase all relevant equipment for labs. Here they can pay monthly lease for test equipment/test benches in their labs and provide best practical training to their students.

    ELE Times Bureau
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