In APEC 2022,Infineon Ready to Showcases “The Future of Power” in Houston, Texas

    The future of power will be on display this month in Houston when Infineon Technologies AG  showcases the industry’s broadest range of power electronics devices during the 2022 Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), 20 to 24 March. With a portfolio that includes advanced silicon and wide bandgap materials, engineers rely on Infineon for solutions that are higher-power density, smaller in size, improved performance and enable a greener future.

    Building on decades of technology leadership and experience as a trusted partner, the Infineon booth (#1114) will feature discrete products and engineered solutions that highlight the company’s product-to-system expertise in power management, with an emphasis on balancing efficiency and performance to best meet application requirements. The Infineon booth will be organized around application and product groups in the following categories:

    • The future of power: Infineon semiconductors power our world—from homes and factories, to transportation systems and devices and networks that connect us all
    • High performance, small footprint: Check out the company’s state-of-the-art mainstream power-handling technologies that balance operational specs and system requirements for applications ranging from industrial power to handheld devices
    • Industry’s broadest portfolio: From silicon (Si) to wide bandgap (SiC and GaN), Infineon offers the broadest range of power solutions in the industry, providing flexibility for product designers to meet key design requirements – from performance and efficiency, to reliability and cost objectives.

    Several new products will be shown for the first time during the conference, including innovative new packaging for our MOSFET family of products with optimized performance and application-optimized gate driver devices. In addition to the company’s APEC exhibits, Infineon will play a large role as a contributor to the conference program, participating in over 20 sessions.

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