IEEMA commits to power infrastructure’s rapid restoration in Cyclone affected areas in Odisha

IEEMA has expressed anguish and pain caused by Fani Cyclone hitting the coastal areas of Odisha and express its solidarity with the people of affected areas.

IEEMA members are committed and available to meet the needs of the state pertaining to restoration of electrical and power infrastructure on a priority basis.

IEEMA has committed to the Odisha Chief Minister, Shri Naveen Patnaik, and its Utilities about its member Supreme & Co., offer to re-erect any transmission tower pro bono for rapid restoration of power supply.

According to the initial reports, cyclone Fani has caused extensive damage to the power infrastructure in the coastal region of the state.

IEEMA has also appointed a nodal officer in Bhubaneshwar to address the emergency needs of power infrastructure restoration work.


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