Humans vs AI: Who’s Better at Building Relationships?

    On the way to becoming a transformation technology, AI is now building relationships with humans. It would be interesting to see what follows.

    Artificial Intelligence has been around for quite some time now. However, it has only been realized lately as to how important AI could be for humans. The ability of AI to mimic humans using algorithms, and learn from experiences over time, is opening avenues for this technology for building relationships with human beings.


    As humans, we have the tendency of building relationships with only a select few. We try and make sure that unwanted and irrelevant people are out of our lives. While restricting our relationships to a few people, we make sure that we build quality relations with those who really matter to us. However, the same approach in business parlance may not be ideal and can backfire.

    Despite knowing this, the fact still remains that we lack the ability to maintain cordial relationships with our customers at all times – no matter how much we may want to do that. And this happens due to several reasons, such as different time zones, language barriers, dearth of staff, etc.


    AI has begun interacting with its users and, as a result, it is building its own relationships with them. AI is primarily being used to interact with customers or clients in spaces where human interaction can be easily substituted. An excellent example of AI building relationships with human beings are automated chat-bots that a lot of companies are using to communicate with their customers for, let’s say, answering FAQs (frequently asked questions). Such systems use AI technology and involve human experts only when it’s absolutely required.

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