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    How Online Gaming Companies Ensure a Seamless Game Experience

    Games have been an integral part of the human culture- but from ancient board games to virtual reality, how we play has changed significantly with time. In just a few short decades, the online gaming industry has exploded in popularity. Estimated to reach $196 billion in revenue by 2022, it is now considered to be one of the fastest-growing and most profitable industries. As the audience continues to grow, the technological possibilities of online gaming have become endless. These developing technologies alter the way users experience gaming- providing new opportunities for gaming brands to tap into enhanced viewer engagement.

    What Goes Behind the Scenes?

    If there is one thing that stands out in terms of advanced user experience in multiplayer gaming, it is the real-time experience provided to users because there’s always a player waiting to play his next move. Certain factors which make this a possibility is optimizing algorithms, quick response time, and fetching only the necessary data while saving those extra bytes, which decides whether a product is going to succeed or not in the market. Of course, the credit largely goes to the relentless effort put in by the product and design team in any gaming company to solve key problems and arrive at optimum solutions using qualitative and quantitative inputs.

    The line between playing games and watching them has blurred – and it’s creating a world of opportunities

    The advancement in technology has brought forth the excitement and allure of playing games which have only got better with time in terms of visual stimulus, creativity, and satisfaction. The lines between the physical and digital have become blurred, enabling gamers to enter a whole new world- thanks to the improved connectivity and advanced hardware and software. Whether you are a gaming expert or not, there is no doubting the enormous impact the online gaming industry has on the growth and expansion of tech-based solutions.

    A growing way to socialize during the pandemic

    Since the onset of the pandemic, staying at home has meant that the number of people playing games has increased dramatically. Gaming also grew as a socially connected experience, whether that was watching streams or using games to connect within the community or friends. When it comes to Real Money Gaming (RMG), features like personalized offers and rewards based on the user’s loyalty, curated tournaments for premium players, and communicating with like-minded people during the play via messaging or voice chats have enhanced the play-anywhere gaming experience.

    What’s keeping the Gamers engaged?

    Multiplayer games have challenging gameplay but when the player’s money is at stake such as in RMG, things become extra challenging and must be dealt with caution and precision. The number of players playing online skill-based games has escalated overtime on digital platforms and of course, tech plays a heavy role in improving and customizing their gaming experience. In real-money card games, brands must ensure that the algorithms add randomization to the games to the maximum extent possible so it’s not easy to be cracked by hackers or frauds. Furthermore, digital security techniques like RNG algorithms ensure safe transactions have made the gaming experience more convenient, secure, and comfortable.

    With the industry booming at this fast pace, legality and safety have become the priority for players as well as for gaming companies around the country today.  Be it getting certified by renowned establishments like Random Number Generator (RNG), ISO, or No Bot Certifications or analyzing data to spot patterns and anomalies, so the player experience is not compromised, RMG platforms have come a long way. Platforms like Rummy Culture, from the house of Gameskraft, have incorporated certain features like not allowing two plausible known players to sit on the same game table and knowing who they are playing against to ensure fraud detection.

    The Evolving Player Experience

    No matter what platform or games, players demand a seamless experience with no downtime. With the current users having access and experience to ultra-modern international gaming, their expectations from games have also increased considerably. To match up to this, gaming companies must constantly work towards enhancing their gaming experience and adapting to the ever-changing technology.

    Authored By :

    Online Gaming
    Ramanuja Mangla, Director of Product Management at Gameskraft

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