Highly integrated controller with constant voltage flyback LED driver IC introduced for high power factor

    Infineon Technologies AG introduces the new member of its XDP LED controller series, the digital and highly integrated XDPL8218 for cost effective LED drivers. The device features a future proof design and combines a constant voltage quasi-resonant flyback controller with algorithms for high power factor (> 0.9) and low total harmonic distortion (THD < 15 percent).The XDPL8218 is the best choice for the primary side of dual-stage LED designs with a DC-DC stage at the secondary. The device manages wide load ranges, responds quickly and stably to dynamic load changes, and enables high efficiency over a wide output range.

    The new LED driver IC supports full functionality for both AC and DC input in the nominal input voltage range of 100 VAC to 277 VAC or 127 VDC to 430 VDC. The built-in digital control automatically selects the optimal operation mode for the actual operating condition, e.g. quasi-resonant, discontinuous conduction or active burst modes. The XDPL8218 fits very well with linear driver ICs such as the BCR601 from Infineon that provide a voltage feedback to the primary side. This helps to reduce power losses in the pass-transistor.

    The XDPL8218 supports the easy design of high performance and innovative LED drivers. To this end, the digital parameter configuration enables real-time design changes with little effort shortening design cycles and reducing time-to-market. The compact bill of materials (BOM) minimizes system costs and allows for increased flexibility. Since the device can be used for multiple board variants, the number of stock keeping units reduces considerably.

    This driver IC comes with a comprehensive and configurable set of protection features to ensure high reliability and long lifespan of the driver. For adverse operating conditions and instable grids, the configurable brownout and -in function is built in. All relevant potential error conditions are monitored and protected, among them under- and over-voltage for input and output, open load and output shorted. An adaptive temperature guard additionally ensures the optimal thermal management.

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