Hazardous Location Network IP Camera with Low Light IR Array released

    Larson Electronics LLC, a leading industrial lighting company, announced the release of a new hazardous location camera designed for discreet monitoring and remote observation in indoor and outdoor industrial environments. This weatherproof and tamper resistant camera has 4.0MP resolution and a low light IR array for nighttime applications.

    The HAL-CMR-CRNM-IP-POE-4MP-IR remote inspection camera offers operators in hazardous work environments discreet and high-resolution live feed. This camera features a built-in 1/3 inch progressive-scan CMOS image sensor that delivers 4.0MP at 20 fps.  The lens provides viewers with an 83-degree field of vision, which covers large areas. Also featured with this network camera is a fully integrated IR array that automatically switches on when visible light falls below a specific level. The IR LED array provides low light and nighttime visibility up to 45 feet.

    The HAL-CMR-CRNM-IP-POE-4MP-IR includes a variety of high-tech add-ons including: Advanced Infrared Technology, 120dB true Wide Dynamic Range, 3D Digital Noise Reduction and a true day/night IR-Cut filter Removal to produce clear images in variable and low light conditions.

    Housing is constructed of waterproof, corrosion and chemical resistant polycarbonate with a polycarbonate cover. Electrical connection is easily made with an ethernet cable using PoE technology that saves time and money. Operators can connect the camera to their own NVR system to record live streams. Larson Electronics has a full line of explosion proof and hazardous location NVRs that will work directly with the HAL-CMR-CRNM-IP-POE-4MP-IR.

    “This hazardous location network camera is perfect for discreet remote monitoring,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics. “It can be mounted inside vessels and tanks for real time viewing, or on building walls and ceilings to observe workplace operations. The addition of a low light IR array allows operators to use the camera 24 hours a day in any lighting condition”, he added.

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