Han-Eco B: Industrial standard in plastic

HARTING has taken a big step forward with the Han-Eco: the connector range with high performance plastic housings is now fully compliant with the industry standard Han B. All contact inserts and modules that fit into the standard metal housing now also fit into the corresponding plastic housing. Plastic and metal versions are both plug-compatible.

HARTING offers the new possibility of snapping pre-assembled inserts from the interior of a control cabinet – rearward – into a bulkhead mounted housing on the switch cabinet wall. Until now, the cables had to be routed out of the switch cabinet through a panel cut out. Assembly was done beside the switch cabinet, screwing the inserts from the outside into the bulkhead mounted housing subsequently. This required electricians to be on site. The option of rear mounting permits the separate assembly of connections and control cabinet.

This ensures the reverse compatibility of the Han-Eco B in industrial environments. Users can take advantage of plastic and/or metal in the context of the respective cost and quality requirements. Existing manufacturing testing facilities remain usable for both housing variants.

The use of plastic increases corrosion resistance. The high-performance plastic used is fire-resistant according to UL94 V0 and reduces the housing weight by approximately 50% compared to metal.

In addition to the use of standard monoblocs, it is also possible to use the modular connectors of the Han-Modular series by deploying the hinged frame. Pre-assembled metal hinged frames can be firmly screwed into the new hoods and housings.

“We’ve achieved the goal of designing the Han-Eco B and Han B Standard to be compatible,” says Product Manager Ingo Siebering. “The user benefits, since he can choose the material for component and equipment connections in a machine or plant with total flexibility.”

For more information, visit HARTING.com.

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