Can Artificial Intelligence Tackle Natural Epidemics? A New Algorithm Makes it Possible

Tech giant Google said it is working with multiple partners to use new-age technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to improve response time to natural disasters like floods as well as addressing healthcare challenges.

Google Technical Project Manager (TensorFlow), Anitha Vijayakumar said the company has developed a system that uses AI for early and accurate flood warnings, including guiding over areas that are dangerous and prone to flooding.

Also, and Googlers are contributing over USD 1 million to support the relief and recovery efforts. Earlier this year, Google had partnered with India’s Ministry of Water Resources on a pilot for flood warning based on AI and ML.

She said the pilot was undertaken in areas prone to flooding and the initial results are promising.

Vijayakumar said the pilot can be extended to other parts of the country and expressed hope that the system will eventually be able to give longer lead times to people, helping them seek safety.