A Glimpse at the Features of Matrix SPARSH VP710 – the Smart Video IP Phone

Matrix, a leading manufacturer of Telecom and Security solutions, is known for launching latest technological products at regular intervals. The company welcomed the year 2018 with addition of SPARSH VP710 – the Smart Video IP Deskphone in its product portfolio.

Knowing that video calling and collaboration is becoming the need of the hour, Matrix has released the User Terminal for high-level professionals. The User Terminal backed by robust IP network and two Gigabit Ethernet ports, bridges communication gaps by offering uninterrupted and enhanced video and audio calling experience.

Besides classy looks and reliable architecture, the phone has a bundle of functionalities to deliver such as:

  1. Seven Inch Multi-touch Intuitive Touch Screen: The enlarged seven inch HD screen offers the essence of face to face interactions, and hence, enables employees to automate decision-making process. Fitted with a shutter that can be slid over the camera, this phone offers the flexibility of protecting users’ privacy if required. 
  1. USB Port: The deskphone comes with an inbuilt USB port that enables employees to insert external devices and back up their call recordings or take screenshots. The same port can be used for easy media exchange of Apps, Music, Video and other files. Personnel can charge their smartphones or tablets by plugging them in the USB port of SPARSH VP710.


  • Bluetooth Connectivity: For enabling users to continue conversation outside boundaries of their desks, facility to connect Bluetooth has also been offered. The professionals can map their mobile devices with the SPARSH VP710 for easy wireless transfer of calls between the two.


  • User Interface: Based on the most used Android platform, the phone can be easily used by any employee without training. With an easy to use interface, professionals can save their time of juggling between different functionalities. This, in turn, helps them focus on other important tasks and boost productivity.

“With SPARSH VP710, we are targeting Banking, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail and Manufacturing segments, where Video Calling/Conferencing is an indispensable part of daily communication. However, we will be gradually introducing more features in our Smart Video IP Deskphone” said Ganesh Jivani, Managing Director.

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