Future-proof Telit Modules to Accelerate Cartrack’s Global telematics service

Telit cellular and positioning modules enable Cartrack’s new generation of telematics and wearable devices for vehicle tracking, fleet management, stolen vehicle recovery and insurance telematics. 

Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), on February 26, 2017, announced that telematics industry leader Cartrack Holdings Ltd. selected Telit’s cellular and positioning module technology for a new generation of personal and in-vehicle service devices. Through this partnership, Cartrack will accelerate global expansion plans by delivering enhanced telematics services enabled with modules from Telit’s future-proof, globally certified product line.

Research analysts forecast bullish growth for the entire telematics industry with a 29% compound annual growth rate over the next five years (P&S Market Research 2016). The path to international market development is complex and can be challenging for many companies that are faced with international compliance barriers and diverse offerings dependent on cellular and location based technologies which are constantly evolving.

“Given that the telematics space is so under penetrated and that Cartrack is undergoing consistent rapid growth in new markets, we need a strong and reliable component supplier totally committed to growing with us,” said Zak Calisto, Cartrack, Global CEO. “Our decision to use Telit modules in the Cartrack technology was based on the improved connectivity and robust location-based features in the Telit components. The Cartrack technologies allow fleet owners to manage and optimize the different vehicle brands and support the on-going evolution of our portfolio. Now, we will also extend the reach and meet the demands of new market opportunities, such as the United States and New Zealand.”

The appointment of Telit as the preferred technology supplier will enable Cartrack to accelerate expansion with deployment of a new generation of devices that are smaller, richer in features and are internationally certified with regulatory bodies and cellular operators in the company’s target geographies and markets. The new in-vehicle and personal, wearable devices at the heart of Cartrack’s innovative services offerings will integrate Telit cellular modules from the xE866 compact form factor family as well as SL871 or SE873 multi-constellation positioning receiver modules that deliver extended reach in difficult areas.

“Cartrack, ranked as a tier one leader in the telematics space, is entering an exciting period of expansion and leadership and we are proud to be selected as the technology partner,” said Tomer Lavie, Telit Vice President, EMEA Sales.  “We are committed to working side by side with the Cartrack’s R&D team now and in years to come to support its business objectives while unlocking innovation opportunities, including wearables that are designed to complement and enhance the overall user experience within in their target segments.”

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