Full Spectrum and AutomaTech Form Partnership for Expansion Into New Industrial Markets

AutomaTech to distribute Full Spectrum's patented FullMAX wireless network technology for Industrial Internet applications

Full Spectrum Inc., a leading supplier of private licensed wireless data networks, announced on November 28, 2017, that it has entered into a strategic partnership with AutomaTech Inc. for the distribution of Full Spectrum’s FullMAX wireless network technology into new industrial markets.

AutomaTech is one of the nation’s largest resellers of industrial automation hardware and software, with a substantial presence in the Northeast United States. AutomaTech will have the exclusive distribution rights to sell FullMAX equipment to water and wastewater utilities in the Northeast.

FullMAX is the basis for the recently issued IEEE 802.16s wireless standard designed specifically to meet the security and reliability needs of the Industrial Internet. While initially developed for the US electric utility industry, a number of mission-critical markets are now embracing the 802.16s standard including the oil & gas industry, the security and defense market, water and wastewater utilities, the transportation industry and municipalities, among others.

“We are very excited about the new partnership with AutomaTech and the potential it offers for widespread adoption of FullMAX in the United States,” said Stewart Kantor, CEO of Full Spectrum. “AutomaTech brings an exceptional level of expertise in industrial automation including the ability to deliver solutions related to edge connectivity, cybersecurity and the monitoring and control of industrial networks.”

“We see FullMAX technology and the 802.16s standard as a great enabler of the Industrial Internet,” said Tom Schiller, President of AutomaTech. “802.16s fills in several major missing puzzle pieces for the vision of the Industrial Internet of Things, including a highly secure, scalable and reliable wireless networking technology to support the rapid adoption of new industrial applications.”

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