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    Free PCB Designing Course by RS Components

    Faculty Development Program (FDP)

    Course Name: DesignSpark PCB Designing

    Course Fee: Rs. 0/-

    Certification: RS Components & Controls (India) Ltd.

    Introduction to DesignSpark Community

    • Top Five Reason to register on DesignSpark
    • FREE Large 3D & PCB Components Library
    • FREE Software & Tool

    Introduction to PCB Designing Software

    Getting Started

    • DS-PCB First Step to Sch. To PCB
    • How to Create Components
    • DesignSpark PCB – Forward Design Changes
    • DesignSpark PCB – Back Annotation
    • DesignSpark PCB – Unrouting
    • DesignSpark PCB – Using Schemas
    • Designspark PCB – Routing Two Layer PCB
    • DesignSpark PCB – Using Four Layer Board
    • DesignSpark PCB – Selecting PCB Package
    • DesignSpark PCB – Adding Copper Pour
    • DesignSpark PCB – Adding Mounting Holes
    • DesignSpark PCB – Placing Connectors

    Introduction to ModelSource

    1. Components- ModelSource & Building up Libraries
    2. Editing ModelSource
    3. Creation with Symbol and Footprints

    Introduction to Manufacturing Outputs & PCB Ordering

    1. 3D View
    2. How to Generate Gerber File
    3. Generate Bill Of Materials (BOM)

    IDF File (Mechanical File)

    PCB Quote

    Introduction to Simulation on live projects

    • Microcontroller based project

    DesignSpark Course Content

    DesignSpark PCB- Course duration- 1 Days

    • DesignSpark PCB software introduction
    • DesignSpark community introduction
    • Components- Library structure & Library manager
    • Setting up a project & schematic sheets
    • Converting schematic to PCB
    • PCB Routing & Checking the design
    • Manufacturing output
    • 3D View & Export Mechanical IDF
    • Tips & Tricks

    DesignSpark Mechanical- Course duration- 1 Days

    • DesignSpark & software introduction
    • User Interface
    • First step to Direct Modeling
    • Import format
    • Download & managing 3D Model
    • Importing PCB Design
    • Interesting 3D Model into 3D Electronics Design
    • Interesting 3D  Model into panel design
    • BOM generation
    • Export format & Dimension
    • 3D Printer demonstration

    DesignSpark Electrical- Course duration- 1 Days

    • Download, installation and activation
    • User interface introduction
    • Project management
    • Design the wiring line diagram
    • Design the scheme
    • Drawing terminals in the scheme
    • Wiring numbering
    • Terminal strip management
    • Cabling
    • Report management
    • 2D layout
    • Revisions management
    • Printing
    • Title block design
    • BoM Quote


    For Details:

    Tel: +91 (0) 120 4519127
    Mob: +91 (0) 9529760262

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