Fixed Length FAKRA to AMC Cable Assemblies

Amphenol RF introduced a line of fixed length FAKRA to AMC cable assemblies. These assemblies feature two of our popular connector series on the ultra-flexible 1.37 mm coax cable and are ideal for automotive and IoT applications that require compact infrastructure.

The fixed length FAKRA to AMC cable assembly combines the automotive industry standard FAKRA connector with the micro-miniature AMC connector which features a low profile and an extremely small board footprint. This combination allows for easy connect and disconnect, and offers color coding and available keying to prevent mis-mating during the installation process. The connectors can be terminated with any other AMC or similarly keyed FAKRA, respectively, and are IP67 rated when mounted for protection in case of temporary submersion. These cable assemblies are currently available in six different metric lengths. Additional lengths are available upon request.

Automotive applications include dedicated short range communication (DSRC) such as V2X and V2V technology, 360-degree camera, and advanced driver assistance systems like rear/backup cameras. Within the IoT ecosystem, this cable assembly offers space saving solutions that make it a great option for back panels, smart boxes or modules, and remote control access, as well as, high volume cable harnesses and large multi-connector panels.

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