First Center of Excellence portraying PTC Technology launched in the U.S.

    KPIT Technologies has launched the first Center of Excellence (CoE) showcasing PTC technology in the US, at KPIT’s Raleigh, North Carolina location. The launch event, themed “Elevate to the Connected World with Smart Manufacturing and Connected Products,” demonstrated how to build great customer experiences on the ThingWorxâ Industrial Innovation Platform using KPIT accelerators.

    The hands-on demos focused on Journeys to Excellence in manufacturing across the value chain of Model – Make – Move – Manage. Industrie 4.0 technologies used included connected devices, integrated sensors, the ThingWorx platform and augmented & virtual reality. Customers participating in the CoE launch experienced how KPIT has enabled faster time to market by creating a closed loop manufacturing cycle between engineering, product manufacturing, supply chain and service using ThingWorx.

    Excited about the launch of the first KPIT CoE in the US, Probodh Chiplunkar, Head of Digital Business at KPIT said, “It is the first of its kind in the US, and the second CoE that PTC and KPIT have collaborated on globally. Companies today want to create digital experiences for their users that are fast to build, yet scalable for the enterprise. Enabled by our accelerators built on PTC technologies, companies can quickly integrate IT and Operations Technologies for a connected manufacturing experience and better business outcomes, like a safer workplace, improvement in manufacturing OTD and unparalleled customer service.”

    Digital technologies such as Industrial IoT, Cloud and Augmented Reality integrated with existing technologies in the manufacturing value chain have the power to change how companies deliver seamless experiences for customers and employees. KPIT demonstrations included:

    • IntelliAsset – platform for asset visualization, analytics and action in near real time
    • KwikPick – hands-free Warehouse Picking solution with Wearable Glasses
    • EWI – AR-based electronic work instructions solution
    • Global Product Registration – seamlessly track and manage regulatory registrations and compliance from PTC’s Windchill PLM solution
    • iLink – enabling seamless integration between business systems like PLM, ERP, EAM and others

    Other demos included solutions around remote collaboration, line clearance, Vuforia AR-based design reviews, and custom Navigateâ role-based apps.

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