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    FIDO Certification Made Quick and Easy With Security Controller and Reference Design from Infineon

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    Infineon accelerates introduction of new solutions for secure and easy online authentication based on the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) open standard.  Using Infineon’s FIDO Certified™ USB Token reference design,GOTrust Technology Inc.(Go-Trust®)  has been able to validate their U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) authenticator atthe U2F interoperability testing: GOTrust obtained the certification in one month – one third of the time it would require without Infineon’s reference design.

    Infineon’s FIDO Certified™ USB Token reference design and proven security controllers are used by manufacturers of FIDO authentication devices. The U2F reference designhas been tested with Google/Gmail and other U2F reference servers used in the interoperability tests. Infineon provides all source codes and documentation pertaining to U2F thus freeing the developer to work on the additional functionalities that they require for the U2F token.

    As FIDO’s founding and Board member and a leading supplier of secured controller technologies protecting personal identity and computer data, Infineon actively contributes to the development of FIDO specifications and has released a number of products compliant with the standards. The reference designs and security controllers include:

    • Application Note: FIDO certified USB Token U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) Authenticator based on the SLE 78 security controller
    • FIDO certified NFC U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) Authenticator based on the SLE 78 security controller
    • First FIDO pre-release interoperability proven BLE U2F Authenticator reference based on OPTIGA™ Trust P security controller
    • Infineon TPMscompliant with UAF Authenticator solutions
    • Customer Solution: µSD form factor UAF (Universal Authentication Framework) Authenticator based on the SLE 97144 security controller

    Infineon will show GO Trust FIDO Ready U2F authenticator(GO-2Factor) at the DigiTimes Technology Forum onMay 3, 2016, B3F, The Westin Hotel, in Taipei,under the theme “FinTech – Challenges & Response to a new financial service model”.

    Further information about Infineon’s product offering is available at:

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