Latest extensions enable versatile innovations in connectivity

    Nine new products now add to the capability of the Fischer Freedom Series to serve as a technology platform in connectivity setting new standards in usability, integration capability and versatility. An innovation enabler in application design, particularly in terms of SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) requirements, cable management optimization, electronic network integration and wearable technology.

    The new features, new configurations, new materials and new active devices, commercially available as of September 2019, use the versatile and modular connectivity technology of the Fischer LP360TM connector, the first product of the plug & use Fischer FreedomTM Series launched in 2018 :

    • No key code and non-magnetic quick-release locking for easy 360° mating
    • Membrane-sealed contacts for easy cleaning
    • Easy integration thanks to low-profile design and ergonomics

    NEW Fischer LP360TM products. Size 14 (7 signal & power contacts): cabled receptacle (1) and panel plug (2); active devices: USB 2.0 adaptor (3), LED (4), Rugged Flash Drive (5). Size 08 (4 signal & power contacts) in plastic (high-end composite based on PEEK) with cabled plug (6) and panel receptacle (7); in metal with panel receptacle (8) and panel plug (9).

    Fischer Freedom enables design engineers to integrate more technology and functionality into fixed or wearable ecosystems and cable-free devices in markets such as: defense & security, medical, instrumentation, industrial and civil engineering, robotics, wearables, the Internet of Things (IoT), etc.

    The new USB 2.0 adaptor, LED and flash drive have the Fischer LP360TM panel plug directly integrated into their housing. This opens up new development pathways for innovative active solutions integrated into electronic networks where power source and communications are centralized within shared data & power buses and hubs. As for the new cabled receptacle in metal with 7 signal and power contacts, it is a ready-to-use solution that also maximizes the usability, operability and functionality of robotic systems or smart vests into which it can easily be integrated. These solutions are ideally used in applications for portable and body-worn “wearables”, among others, for the so-called “connected human” – a huge trend in the connectivity sector –, as well as in IoT applications.

    Fischer Connectors Group’s CEO Jonathan Brossard says: “Fischer Freedom is more than a traditional connector product line. It is a real technology platform which also enables innovations in active solutions with the goal, among others, to maximize the usability, interoperability and multi functionality of electronic devices and ecosystems. I’m extremely proud that our Product Development and R&D teams have been able to launch such a variety of new products at the same time. They demonstrate our capacity to deliver reliable and versatile connectivity solutions that create innovation synergies in diverse markets.”

    Fischer Connectors’ R&D Director Jérôme Dabonneville adds: “Fischer Freedom is instrumental in making our customers’ lives easier. Its plug & use technology is not only an innovation enabler and accelerator in terms of connectivity and device development. It also allows what we call a ‘connectivity by design’ process. Connectivity design can (and should) take place upstream in the device design process, not downstream. With this new versatile and modular technology at hand, our customers – mainly design engineers and integrators – can now design their devices from the outset. The new product extensions widen the choice of solutions out of their engineering toolkit.”

    Fischer Freedom was launched in June 2018 by Fischer Connectors, the global provider of ultra-reliable and high-performance connectivity solutions, to offer breakthrough plug & use technology. Thanks to the patent-pending technological innovations in mating, locking and materials, of its first product, the Fischer LP360TM 7-pin connector, the connectivity solution has received four awards in one year, and has been recognized as being able “to change the way connectivity is done”, as a LEAP award judge commented.

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