Encountering the AI Power with the latest high performance solutions

    AAEON is leading the industry with embedded solutions for AI and edge computing applications. Whether your project involves drones, robots, smart security systems, or intelligent street lights, AAEON has the hardware solutions to meet any need. With experience and expertise in creating rugged industrial platforms, these AI platforms will work anywhere you need.

    AAEON meets the needs of developers for AI platforms by offering a mix of purpose-built compact and rugged systems, low-power high-performance maker boards configurable for any application, and AI modules which can install quickly and easily, expanding the capabilities of almost any system across AAEON’s entire range of embedded solutions.

    Purpose built systems include the BOXER-8100AI family, powered by NVIDIA Jetson TX2. This powerful module pairs the Dual-Core NVIDIA Denver 2 64-Bit CPU with the Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A57 MPCore, offering up to 256 CUDA cores for embedded AI applications.

    The BOXER-8100AI family offers various I/O configurations, making each model suitable for a variety of AI tasks and connecting to different hardware, such as PoE or MIPI cameras. The BOXER-8100AI family feature compact sizes and fanless design, allowing these systems to fit anywhere and work anywhere.

    AAEON’s range of UP maker boards offer developers ultimate flexibility and configurability to tailor our systems to their needs. Whether it’s the speed of the UP Squared or expandability of the UP Core Plus, our UP products can be built and configured to meet your needs. With low-power high-performance components, they are excellent for mobile applications such as inspection drones and service robots.

    AAEON’s innovative embedded boards and systems have always been designed with expandability as a feature. Utilizing our innovative AI Core X and AI Core XM family of Intel Myriad X modules, virtually all of our embedded systems can be deployed in AI and edge computing applications. This provides even greater flexibility for developers and clients looking for an AI solution tailored to their needs.

    Whether it’s our VPC-5600S deployed for intelligent security and virtual fence applications, or our din-rail mounted BOXER-6750 powering facial recognition and machine vision applications in a compact, easy to install form factor, there’s no end to the possibilities with AI Core X from AAEON.

    AAEON also provides end-to-end support to deploy AI edge computing and AIOT networks. With our range of AIOT gateways and our very own LoRa Node, AAEON makes configuring and deploying AI Edge networks easier than ever. For more traditional networks, our network appliances are designed to handle the high-data flow requirements of AI edge computing while still providing vital services such as network function virtualization and unified threat management.

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