Embedded World 2017 Conference

To learn from genuine industry experts and make contact with the biggest and most important companies from the embedded sector – these are the goals of the more than 1,000 students from throughout Europe who are expected to attend the STUDENT DAY hosted by the embedded world exhibition & conference on 16 March 2017. Not only does the event, which is being held for the eighth time, offer students the opportunity to make contact with potential employers, it also features an exclusive keynote speech by Sascha Wolter, Senior Manager Connected Home at Deutsche Telekom AG.
“Sascha Wolter is a true visionary who has already achieved a great deal despite his young years. We are very pleased that such an intelligent mind will offer the students new perspectives and food for thought. They can learn a great deal from him,” explains Professor Matthias Sturm, Chair of the embedded world advisory committee and originator of the STUDENT DAY.

The challenges of technological advancement

The title of the keynote is ‘My Minecraft-Smart-Home: Prototyping the Internet of Uncanny Things’. “Software solutions and everyday objects are becoming increasingly smarter, taking on more responsibility, and they know more and more about us and our intentions. But what does this mean for developers and in what ways does it affect the user? How can we foster the understanding and expertise necessary for the Internet of Things?” asks Wolter. His presentation explores the typical challenges of the Internet of Things and inspires with wacky and at times uncanny examples. He will also present the prototype of an ideational hardware and software based on visual programming languages, games like Minecraft and several IDEs live on stage. Naturally, there is evidence that this pragmatic approach can also be applied to real projects that use Internet of Things platforms and Smart Home solutions such as Google Weave, Eddystone Beacons, Eclipse SmartHome, openHAB and QIVICON.

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