Embedded Lighting System installed in Vizag

As Visakhapatnam vehicle population is over 30 lakhs and pedestrian fatalities constitute 50 to 60 per cent of total fatalities. Among those 30 to 40 per cent of all reported road accidents occur on the National Highways. A hazard warning embedded lighting system was introduced to take a huge turn from accidents which take place everyday on Indian roads.

The founder of Embedded Infra Tech Systems (EITS) Yellapu Ramakrishna said that this technology with high bright light strips embedded in specially designed rubber bumps are connected to signal system.

These are deployed for various traffic signaling purposes and helps the enforcement officials to ensure that the rules implemented are rightly adhered. CCTVs were also installed as a part of the system which enables to capture non-conformists.

The flash lighting and zebra crossing strips were fixed with motion sensors on either side of the sharp bends on the highways for highly visible hazard warning and helps oncoming vehicles during heavy rains, dense fog and night times.

The unmanned intersections, the poles and the LED flashing lights operate in synchronization to enable the driver maneuver the car safely across the roads and also the pedestrians cross roads safely by alerting amber and red lights at a distance of 50 metres from each other(depending upon the speed limits valid for the road) with red lights being installed next to zebra crossings on the road to minimise the chances of accidents caused due to negligence.

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