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    ELEXCON 2018 to Spotlight Smart Electronics of the Future

    The moto for Elexcon 2018 is the “Witness True China’s Electronic Innovation”. The annual event, held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from December 20 to 22, 2018, will feature cutting edge technologies including AI, 5G, smart home, IoT, smart driving, new energy, and intelligent systems. Elexcon 2018 will feature three technology hubs all aimed at the current industry trends and future technology developments. The Elexcon 2018 technology highlights include:

    • Where will advanced passive components lead to?
    • How will embedded processors develop?
    • How can the industry break through 5G test problems?

    Highlight 1: Advanced Passives

    This past year, the shortage and price increase of passive components have become a focus in the industry. On the one hand, the rise of automobiles, especially new energy vehicles, drives the consumption of passive components such as capacitors to increase dramatically. The larger profit margin of this market also attracts well-known foreign manufacturers to increase their production capacity. At the same time, the upgrade of smartphones has brought more passive components demand. This requires us to take precautions to grasp the development trend of passive components and understand the planning of leading manufacturers in the industry.

    Highlight 2: Embedded processors

    After years of deliberation, the Internet of things will finally usher in a big explosion. According to the definition of the Internet of Things, besides low-power processors, sensors and connections, edge computing has become the focus of attention of the Internet of Things industry and related embedded processor providers. According to Gartner, by 2019 some 14.2 billion interconnected things will be used globally, and by 2021 that number will reach 25 billion. Therefore, how to respond to this change and develop products to meet the needs of relevant suppliers has become the focus of consideration, especially in embedded processors, the competition is particularly fierce.

    Highlight 3: Testing and validating 5G

    5G attracts the interest of consumers and manufacturers because of its high speed and low latency. 5G represents a significant technology transformation for the industry, and test solutions must cover the entire ecosystem. As a high-frequency communication network, 5G will face a variety of test considerations before it can be applied in practice. This includes testing from R&D, to manufacturing, conformance test, through network deployment, optimization and monitoring.

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