element14 signs exclusive global agreement with Micro:bit Foundation

element14, the Development Distributor, and The Micro:bit Foundation have signed an exclusive global manufacturing and distribution agreement for the BBC Micro:bit.  This agreement follows the success of the educational programme led by the BBC in 2016 where one million micro:bits were gifted to support learning in school.

The BBC micro:bit is a hands-on, easy-to-use introduction to the world of technology and is packed with features that provide endless possibilities for creativity.  The device is supported by a website, www.microbit.org  that features a range of resources and tutorials to help users take advantage of the BBC micro:bit’s vast potential.

The agreement allows element14 to develop partnerships with educational organisations to replicate the success of the UK programme globally, supporting the development of the next generation of engineers through engagement in coding from a young age.

Richard Curtin, Senior Director of Strategic Alliances for element14, said:  “The BBC micro:bit initiative will go down in history as a milestone event in the world of STEM education and computer programming in the UK.  Already the BBC micro:bit website has seen over 15 million views, the code simulator has been run 10.8 million times and the complier 2 million times. 

“element14 is excited to have signed this global agreement with the recently formed Micro:bit Foundation enabling the replication of this ground-breaking education solution for educational organisations around the world.”

In line with this new agreement and in response to unprecedented demand across Europe following the UK programme, element14 is now making stock of BBC micro:bits available to resellers in a number of key European countries.   Educational organisations and individuals will be able to purchase the BBC micro:bit from resellers in Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands and Finland.

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